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Fernando Fabre

Matterscale Ventures

Fernando Fabre Fernando is a Managing Partner at Matterscale Ventures, where he focuses between the US and Latam in edtech and healthtech investments, primarily. Fernando has been involved in the global entrepreneurship landscape for 15 years. As managing director of Endeavor Mexico, he is credited as a key person that launched the venture capital industry in the country and the birth of a relatively strong entrepreneurial ecosystem. He was also a key figure in convincing the government of Mexico to redirect its focus towards high-impact entrepreneurship and the creation of the Fondo PyME, and later the Fondo de Emprendedores, a $1 billion per year effort to fund entrepreneurs in the country. Fernando became the global president of Endeavor in 2010, taking the organization's global footprint from 9 to 35 countries in 8 years and coordinating the launch of Endeavor Catalyst, Endeavor's venture arm, which in 2018 had $120 million in assets under management, 80 investments and 7 exits. During this time, Endeavor selected over 1,000 entrepreneurs outside of Silicon Valley that had, at the end of 2018, annual revenues over $20 billion and 1.5 million jobs. Today, Fernando teaches the course Scaling Up at Columbia University and is a founding member of the Columbia University Center for Entrepreneurs Vs Inequality, which will launch in March 2020 at the School of International and Public Affairs. He is a cofounder of Gourmetrica.com, a human resources advisory and event firm, Collective Academy, and educational technology company redefining skill training, Onis Vida, a home refurbishing platform, and The Work Inn, a coworking space in New York.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

He holds a Master's degree in economics from Claremont Graduate University in California and an MBA and BA in Managerial Economics from Universidad Anahuac.

Fernando is a member of Class 14 and performed his fellowship at Endeavor Mexico. He has mentored numerous Fellows: Joanna Harries (Class 17), Tarek Sadi (Class 17), Catherine Townshend (Class 18), Sati Rasuanto (Class 18), and Baily Kempner (Class 18).