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Renato Fairbanks Ribeiro

Temasek Holdings

Renato Fairbanks Ribeiro is a Director of Investments for Temasek, a Singaporean investment company. He is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Renato has been at Temasek since 2008, as one of the first members of the company in Brazil. In this role, he tracks the company's deal flow, leads teams through the sourcing, analysis, due diligence, and negotiation phases of the investment process.

Renato invested in companies at different stages of development and in various sectors in Brazil ' including several late-venture-stage companies such as Netshoes and Amyris, and pre-operational early private equity stage companies such as BR Properties, Odebrecht Oil & Gas, and Hidrovias do Brasil

Prior to joining Temasek, Renato was an Associate at Value Partners consultants, where he participated in projects in a wide range of industries. Prior to that he was a consultant at Accenture, where he worked with clients in the Telecom industry.

As an individual, Renato is an advisor to Iugu, an electronic payment solutions company that provides billing services to mobile and web developers and allows them to accept multiple payment methods while focusing on their core businesses. Renato is also an advisor to Pet Delicia, a pioneer company that offers natural pet food for dogs and cats in Brazil's big and growing pet market.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Renato holds an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a major in general management. He received a BA at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, in Brazil.

As a member of Class 18, Renato served his fellowship at Temasek under the mentorship of Managing Director, Matheus Villares.