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David Borcsok


David is the Founder of Ordinary, an angel fund investing in technology companies that improve the lives of their users, the more they interact with them, as well as Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Mucker Capital, a Los Angeles-based venture capital firm focused on early-stage software companies. 

Prior to Ordinary, David was Head of Impact Investing at Royal Bank of Canada where he managed a $10Milllion returns-first and mission-driven venture capital fund. Previously, he was an Associate at TrilogyGrowth LP. a $25Million consumer technology venture capital fund and began his career as a Venture Fellow with early-stage angel investment organizations the Cherrystone Angel Group and Ocean State Angels. 

David is a member of the Canadian Venture Capital Association Professional Development and Education Committee and has held a variety of academic positions including; Faculty Director of the Canadian Private Capital Investment School at Western University Richard Ivey School of Business, Adjunct Professor at Ryerson University Yeates School of Graduate Studies and an Instructor at the Queens University Smith School of Business Social Impact Academy.  

He is also a David Rockefeller Fellow with the Trilateral Commission, a member of the New Leader Program at the Carnegie Council, and was previously a Board Director of the Ontario Farmland Trust and an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at WeWork Labs.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

David studied at Wilfrid Laurier, Sewanee, Harvard and Brown.

David served his fellowship at the Royal Bank of Canada under the mentorship of David Unsworth, General Partner and Co-Founder of Information Venture Partners. He is a member of Class 20.