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Marek Kiisa

Astrec Invest

Marek has a particular interest in companies focused on IT infrastructure and efficient system management. He is a Managing Partner at Astrec Invest, a technology-oriented seed investment and venture capital firm based in Tallinn, Estonia and Stockholm, Sweden. He tracks deal flow from Scandinavia and Baltic countries, and performs industry and financial due diligence on both incoming business plans and targeted companies.

Marek also acts as a mentor and coach to selected portfolio companies that need extra kick for raising the next round or reevaluating their prototype model. During past five years he has been successful with a crowdsourcing engineering platform, a big data company, and companies creating artificial intelligence. He is a board member of Astrec Baltic, the IT infrastructure system integrator.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Marek is a graduate of Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. He holds a Master of Science degree in combustion engineering and machine design and also holds a degree in management from the Estonian Business School.

Marek serves as a board member of the Future School Foundation, as well as board member of the Estonian Business Angles Association.

Marek performed his fellowship at Astrec Invest under the mentorship of Talal Shamoon, CEO of Intertrust. He is a member of Class 19.