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Siobhan Brewster


Siobhan is a Partner at Amplifier, an early stage fund specialising in the interconnected supply chain. Previously, Siobhan was Entrepreneur-in-Residence with Mexico City's Cometa (formerly VARIV Capital), where they focused on early-stage technology investments in Spanish-speaking markets worldwide. She spent the first part of her career with Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets raising multi-billion dollar funds and structuring investments with ING's Infrastructure Finance & Advisory team in New York.

In 2017, Siobhan co-founded Atlas Unbound to explore the transformative power of travel to remote locations with highly curated groups of people and an ethical mindset. The project is reflective of her affinity to nature, her incessant desire to explore, and her love of good company.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Born and raised in Scotland, Siobhan studied Anthropology at University College London before spending time living and working in Indonesia, the US, Latin America, and Germany.

She currently lives in Berlin but returns to Mexico City often.

As a member of Class 26, Siobhan is serving her fellowship at Amplifier under the mentorship of Maria Palma at Kindred Capital and Jan Miczaika at HV Capital.