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Dusan Perovic

Two Sigma Ventures

Dusan directs Two Sigma Ventures' investing efforts at the intersection of life science/healthcare and data science. He joined the parent company Two Sigma, an AI/machine learning asset manager, in 2007 to work on company growth strategy. Since joining, he has helped the firm launch several new business units and grow the firm from about a hundred employees to now well over a thousand. Dusan also worked with research groups across the firm in discovering and evaluating new data sources, which are used in the firm's investment algorithms. Before Two Sigma, Dusan worked as a management consultant in healthcare/biotech, which he remains passionate about. Dusan's first foray into startups was both personal and professional: as a youth, he helped his parents launch their private-label soda business in then-Yugoslavia.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Dusan graduated from Princeton University with a BSE in electrical engineering, magna cum laude, and with minors in German literature and dance. He spent a year at Oxford University as an exchange student studying engineering, economics, and management. He was awarded the CFA charter while at Two Sigma. Prior to college, he attended United World College, an international boarding school in Norway.

Dusan is a member of Class 23, serving his fellowship at New York-based Two Sigma Ventures under the mentorship of Nick Naclerio, Partner at Illumina Ventuers and Krishna Yeshwant, Partner at GV.