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Yoshihiko Karita

Sozo Ventures

Yoshihiko Karita is a Director at Sozo Ventures, a cross-border venture fund focusing on assisting U.S.-based technology startups in their global expansion, especially in the Japanese market. The firm has offices in Palo Alto, California, and Tokyo. Yoshihiko is the head of the Tokyo office and is responsible for the firm's business development and investor relations in Japan.

Yoshihiko previously held several managerial roles over a 13-year career at IT Frontier, a joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation and IBM Japan. During this time, Yoshihiko worked very broadly within enterprise IT, promoting and providing IT solutions to leading Japanese enterprises. In the course of his work, he developed a deep understanding on how Japanese companies implement and adopt new technologies and business models from outside of Japan.

As such, he is well positioned to understand the ways in which novel technologies or solutions can be best implemented across companies that can provide quick global expansion.

Education, Personal, and Fellowship

Yoshihiko is a graduate of Meiji University, where he received a BS in economics specializing in international economics.

As a member of Class 20, Yoshihiko served his fellowship at Sozo Ventures under the mentorship of Managing Director, Koichiro Nakamura (Class 12).