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With 765 Kauffman Fellows in 57+ countries representing well over 670+ venture firms and organizations, the Kauffman Fellows Network runs deep with strong bonds across the globe. We count as part of our network more than 1,400 mentors and speakers who have supported the Kauffman Fellows Program, transcending roles as founders, CEOs, government leaders, and more.

A Family Like No Other.

Every Kauffman Fellow has access to the full network. Fellows also meet in smaller chapters, typically based on region, industry focus, or other similar interests. There are over a dozen regional chapters and special interest groups (SIGs) across the globe, so Fellows can meet on a regular basis around shared causes.

A Global Affair.

Once a year, Kauffman Fellows come together for our annual summit. We visit amazing startup ecosystems around the world, gather as a family, and learn about a new region in the world. In 2019, we will host our 10th anniversary summit, having previously visited Tokyo, Mexico City, Shanghai, New York, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Dublin, Singapore and Bali, Kansas City, and Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

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Fellows and Mentors Around the World